Laughter: The Drug of Choice
Definitive Doses of the Best Medicine
Nicholas Hoesl


This is a marvellously funny book of medical jokes.

 Award-winning finalist in 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards.

From Mary Stack, bookseller, Village Books: "We keep a copy of Laughter: The Drug of Choice in the back room for when we need a break. It's great fun!"

U.S. REVIEW OF BOOKS:  Nicholas Hoesl, the author of the First Humorously Medical Dictionarya pharmacist, and a Certified Laughter Leader, leads the reader on a funny romp through the medical field, as he believes that laughter is the best medicine. According to the latest research, our bodies hurt only when we don't laugh, and this book is designed to make the reader giggle and roar with laughter. Hoesl riffs on everything from acupuncture to wrinkles and anything in between. The book is full of collected quotes, poems, funny anecdotes, and jokes that have to do with the medical field. For example, there are quips about cancer (...a smoking cure), neurotics (...a person in a clash by himself. --Al Bernstein), liposuction (...a kissing disease), and constipation ( have and to hold). Also included are real-life quotes about marriage (I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury. --Groucho Marx), kids, and drunkards (...always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.--Ernest Hemingway), to name a few. Also worthy of note is the author's use of the so-called Addendumbs--a funny way to add his own two cents to the wisdom prsented in the book. All in all, the purpose of this book is to laugh, as the author mentions in the foreward. This collection is great for readers of all ages, and it challenges them not to take themselves, their life, and all the accompanying problems so seriously. 



In Laughter: The Drug of Choice, Nicholas Hoesl has collected jokes, clever wordplay, quotations, and definitions. Here are a few definitions to help pharmacists get through the day.

COUNTERIRRITANT: A person who should be kept out of the pharmacy, whereas over-the-counter irritants should be thrown out.

DOCTOR: One who suffers from good health; a guy who will tell you if you don't cut out something, he'll cut something out of you.

DENTIST: One who always looks down in the mouth.

ORAL SUSPENSION: Lack of patient counseling.

PHARMACIST: One who fills your pain; a pillar of society.

PRESCRIPTION: Hieroglyphics written by a physician and translated by a pharmacist into dollar signs. 



"Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass. I've been lucky in love. None of the bad relationships workded out."

Taking readers on a trip around the world, this book serves as a collection of proverbs from dozens of countries. Organized alphabetically by country, these nuggets of wisdom are paired with the author's own reflections or wisecracks about each of them with one purpose in mind: getting the reader to laugh. Walking a balance between good advice, cultural understanding, and entertaining the reader, these proverbs can serve many purposes but are compiled to put a smile on peoples' faces. While some of these will sound familiar to readers, others should be brand new and a few have probably ever had these idioms paired with jokes in quite this way. Pairing classic wisdom with a sense of humor that can be cutting, suggestive, or just plain imaginative is what makes this book come to life.

To truly appreciate this book, readers need two things: a sense of humor and an open mind. Being able to take in timeless perspectives from aroung the world is a valuable experience, but adding the wherewithal to take things with a grain of salt and not too seriously makes these proverbs even more worthwhile to read. The humor might not always be friendly to everyone in the family, but at no point does it really go beyond the suggestive comments made in prime time television. There's even a scientific principle to this book as well, as the author is a pharmacist who believes in the healing power of laughter and is affiliated with the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. For readers who want to take a quick trip to see what life is like in other countries and enjoy themselves at the same time, this is a must-read.