Laughter: The Drug of Choice
Definitive Doses of the Best Medicine
Nicholas Hoesl
Laughter Remedy

Health Benefits:
Both humor and laughter reduce the level of stress hormones, perk up the immune system, relax muscles, clear the respiratory tract, increase circulation, and ease perceived pain. If you have doubts about these claims, I encourage you to consult the latest findings in research journals. Scientists are discovering more and more conclusive evidence that our bodies hurt only when we don't laugh.

Poking Fun:  

In Laughter: The Drug of Choice, a laugh-out-loud collection of medical terms and poetical musings, I poke fun not only at my fellow pharmacists, but other health professionals as well. The unique "definitions" for common terms will have you in stitches from the minute you begin reading my unusual take on life. From "abdication" (giving up all hope of having a flat stomach) and "bisexuals" (men who like girls as well as the next guy) to "wrinkles" (the service stripes of life) and "venereal diseases" (having a "whorible" time that's nothing to "clap" about). I may have brief control of your mind, but what I'm really after is your laughter.

Just as one man's mold is another man's medicine, I keep the fun in dysfunctional with "Laughter: The Drug of Choice."