Laughter: The Drug of Choice
Definitive Doses of the Best Medicine
Nicholas Hoesl
Jest Desserts of Cincinnati's 50 Plus

JEST DESSERTS of Cincinnati's 50 Plus

With Foreword by Earladeen Badger.

These humor treats appeared in Cincinnati's 50 Plus Magazine during the turn of the millennium. It includes thirty-three monthly columns sinceĀ 1997, when Mature Media picked 50 Plus! as the National Awards Winner. Also included are four travel selections of the author's volunteer service overseas.

For you gourmets, this book is not about "funny food," although there is an article entitled "Livit or Diet," and another "The Thinking Man's Drink."

Let the pigs fly. And the chicken dancers if they're up to it. Porkopolians love to laugh at themselves, hogging the town, never a boar. Pig pandemonium. That's soow Cincinnati.